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Why SPM?

To ensure a consistent supply of high-quality services to our clients, Watson puts in place various quality assurance mechanism:


1. Quality Performance Evaluation System

Total customer satisfation is always the guiding principle for every thought and behind every action of everyone from our management to frontline employee. In order to maximize the customer satisfaction, we developed and implemented a performance-based system to measure, monitor and evaluate the quality performance of our service team. The system requires continuous observation, analysis of employee actions, and first-hand knowledge of the employee and his/her work habits, which improves our service at all points of contact with our clients.


2. Sufficient Training

Watson emphasises the provision of adequate staff training, and thus we provide regular trainings throughout the year of all levels of staff. They are trained not just in the most up-to-date cleaning techniques and technologies, but also in greeting and interaction skills, grooming standard as well as the importance of health, safety and environmental practices. Customized training videos and handbooks are provided during the trainings.      


3. Quality Assurance Professional

At Watson we have a dedicated Quality Assurance Professional to conduct quality assurance audits to ensure achievement of defined Key Performance Indicators. The professional oversees the quality of cleaning, safety of the operation and sustainability of the service being provided as well as making recommendations on improving quality best practices.


4. Inspections & Mystery Shopping

Site inspections and mystery shopping are carried out regularly to assess the quality and effectiveness of our operational performance. Implementation of corrective and/or preventive actions would be taken when deficiencies are identified.


5. Constructive Communication

Watson always maintains open and constructive communication with client and staff through multiple communication channels. We also regularly monitor the level of customer satisfaction through surveys for continuous improvements.



Coming with a strong background in the cleaning industry, our long history has allowed us to establish a substantial knowledge base that we use to develop and deliver the ideal solutions for each of our clients. Our extensive experience in a wide range of facilities has also given us a reputation for trust and reliability among well-known enterprises.

We maintain accreditation to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, ensuring that all aspects of our services follow a stringent specification and consistent operational standard. These internationally recognized certifications have further strengthened our customer’s confidence in our superior service quality.

Our driving for innovation means we are always looking for and adopting new cleaning technologies and equipment to improve our process as effective and efficient as possible. Our newly adopted technology includes “ESG Surface Master”, an ultra-strength protective coating for various surfaces using innovative fluidic nano-technology, with superior dirt repellent and water beading characteristics.

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